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About Us

Welcome To Our Agency

We are a telecommunication solutions and internet service provider for Africa and Middle East based in The Netherlands.

We provide both One-Way and Two-Way satellite internet packages tailored to the clients requirements. We also provide ICT services and products including SchoolWrite Software, Computers, Servers, Networking, Web Development, hosting Services and Solar power back up systems etc. We work in collaboration with several worldwide partners including WebAfrica Technologies Limited and SchoolWrite International.

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Internet via Satellite

Sky2data also expert in providing internet connectivity via satellite both one way and two way.

No matter where you are and where your are located. We have qualified technical staff who will always assist you. You just need to get in touch and we will help you out with your need(s).

Wireless Internet WiFi

We provide Wireless Internet Services in cities , towns, campuses at very competitive rates.

WiFi internet is kind of the service that works within a covered area. All you need is WiFi enabled device like your laptop, Smartphone, Blackberry, Slates, PDAs and traditional desktops This unique service has the following benefits. No Telephone Line Required, No Internet Card Required, No DisconnectionNo Download Limit , 24 Hours Service, 24 Hours Customer Support2048 Kbps Bandwidth , Quick Installation , Cheap Rates.

Security Surveillance solutions

Sky2data offers IP based, localized, remote controlled Security Surveillance solutions.

Depending on a specific service, you can either monitor your premises locally or remotly via an IP based surveillance system based on the internet. This service holds lots of promise for those who are away from thire premisis. We provides from a wide range of indoor to outdoor monitoring devices.

SchooWrite Software

School Administration Software

All aspects of school administration are managed by SchoolWrite software for Windows,integrating class lists, end-of-term reports, SMS & email, on-line intranet, billing of school fees, accounting and bank reconciliation. Read More

Mobie App And Web Development

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today.

In 1995, it was less than 1%.The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.Due to this fact and reality Indeviduals ,Frims, Businesses, Institutions etc, can't afford to lose being online hence Mobile App and Web App development can not be overlooked in todays comunications activities. App development, whether for web or mobile, is growing ever more demanding Get An App Now!

IPTV/ott Middleware Solution

We build an IPTV/ott Middleware Solution for broadcast video content on smartphones

, tablets, TV set-top boxes and SmartTV, Video on Demand service, be able to Live, archive, adaptive quality, pause, deferred broadcast content protection, high-quality video.The Player must supports all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS. See Sample here

  • HP Destop as IDU

  • Sky2Data Sat IDU

    € 550.00

  • Satellite Dish 45cm

    € 100.00

  • Bullet M

  • SchoolWrite Software

    Software developed specially for schools in Ghana

  • Philips 191EL2SB Zwart


  • DOOGEE DG150

    € 120.00

  • LEAGOO Lead 3



We Have Low-cost Pricing Plans For One-Way Satellite

So Boost Yor Internet Speed with unlimited download!


per month
  • High SpeedInternet
  • Up to 2Mbps Transfer
  • Ideal for families


per month
  • Unlimited High speed Internet
  • Up to 2Mbps data transfere
  • Recommended


per month
  • Unlimited High speed Internet
  • Up to 2Mbps data transfere
  • Ideal for Proffessionals

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: What is the Difference Between a One-Way & a Two-Way Satellite Internet?

A: A one-way solution uses a "dial out" modem "return" feature, and the "two-way" solution offers a "satellite return" feature, therefore a separate phone line and ISP is unnecessary. We provide and support the 1-Way System.

Q: How do I know which system suits me?

A:The best way to know is to contact us, fill out our Client Application Assesment form and then we can discuss your options.

Q: How fast is the Sky2Data Internet connection?

A:Expect super fast download speeds ( up to about 10 times faster than a dial up modem) and fast upload speeds. Your speed can burst even higher depending on the time of the day you are online. However, you may experience somewhat slower speeds during peak hours, which are typically weekday evenings.

Q: How much will the Sky2Data system and service cost?

A:Have a look at our pricing list. The complete installation of a system varies in cost. Monthly charges also varies depending on your request and the number of users. To get more information, go ahead and contact us

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Cafe for remote areas

Cafe for remote areas

Whether you're on a mountaintop, in the rainforest, or on a remote island, Sky2data can help you establish a remote internet cafe wherever you are. The CEO of Sky2data has over 10 years experience in this field. We have helped to establish cyber cafes and labs in some of the most remote places on the planet by back hauling via satellite.

Build a New Business

The Internet cafe is a simple and proven business model that has become a fixture people rely on in many communities. Our point-to-multipoint (PTMP) via satellite can bring broadband service to cyber and mobile cafes virtually anywhere in Africa. Whether you;ve already established a cafe or you're considering starting a new one, an Internet business is an investment that holds its value into the future.

Sky2Data Provides Turnkey Solutions

Our years of experience mean we understand the key role a remote cafe plays in the local communications infrastructure. We know how to make cyber cafes work for you as well as for your customers. We make business start-ups easy with everything you need for a remote cafe, with minimum additional equipment required at your location. We handle all billing and administration operations, so you can focus on running your business.

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