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Q:Who is Sky2Data Communications?

A: Sky2Data Communications is a Satellite Communications & Internet Solutions Company. We provide communication and network services to small, mid-sized and corporate networked environments such as schools, businesses, multinational enterprises and home applications. Our Goal is to bring HighSpeed broadband Internet Services to "remote users, the dialup users and the unconnected", utilizing a specialized Satellite Technology, first Introduced by Eutelsat Network Systems. Now offered Sky2Data in association with Opensky.

Q: What are the Sky2Data solutions?

A:Sky2Data offers several satellite-based Internet solutions that include; A TWO-WAY .75 meter satellite dish (or larger depending on your geographic location)including hardware and software designed to deliver and receive the satellite signal to business, enterprises, or 2-3 home user networks; Satellite Dish installation; HighSpeed BroadBand support services.

Q: What is the Sky2Data service?

A:Sky2Data provides complete 2-Way Satellite connectivity solutions that generally include hardware, software, monthly bandwidth service, dish installation, and support services. we are committed to bringing our customers the best in products, services and support! Other services include VPNs, multicasting, voIP (Voice Over IP) networking support and wireless connectivity are available with Sky2Data .

Q: What is the Difference Between a One-Way & a Two-Way Satellite Internet?

A:A one-way solution uses a "dial out" modem "return" feature, and the "two-way" solution offers a "satellite return" feature, therefore a separate phone line and ISP is unnecessary. We provide and support the 1-Way System.

Q: How do I know which system suits me?

A:The best way to know is to contact us, fill out our Client Application Assesment form and then we can discuss your options.

Q: How fast is the Sky2Data Internet connection?

A:Expect super fast download speeds ( up to about 10 times faster than a dial up modem) and fast upload speeds. Your speed can burst even higher depending on the time of the day you are online. However, you may experience somewhat slower speeds during peak hours, which are typically weekday evenings.

Q: How much will the Sky2Data system and service cost?

A:Have a look at our pricing list. The complete installation of a system varies in cost. Monthly charges also varies depending on your request and the number of users. To get more information, go ahead and contact us

Q: When and where will Sky2Data service be available?

A:IT'S AVAILABLE NOW - through out Europe, Sub Saharan Africa.

Q: Does Sky2Data provide only Internet access?

A: YES! AND Other Multicasting services, content and package delivery services, networking/engineering support, VoIP services and more are available with Sky2Data.

Q: Can the weather affect the performance?

A: In severe snowstorms or in very heavy tropical downpours, you may experience some downgraded performance as the peak of the storm passes over. This is often referred to as "signal fade" or "rain fade". This situation is rare, and your Sky2Data service will be operational close to 100% of the time.

Q: If a subscriber lives in a remote area will he/she need a larger satellite dish size than the standard unit?

A: At this time we have one antenna size and we believe our standard .75 Meter antenna will perform properly across most of Africa. In the outer fringe areas, and depending on the Satellite used, a 1.2M or a 1.8M antenna may be necessary.

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